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Rimworld Biotech Release Date.

The next Biotech expansion for RimWorld is scheduled to be released in a few weeks, and at the same time, a significant free upgrade will be made available to all players. This will allow RimWorld to become even more expansive.

The expansion sounds absolutely bonkers, including a plethora of hugely innovative new features that will fundamentally alter the way you play the game and expand your colonies. To begin, you will no longer be unable to bear children of your own.

People have the option of doing it the natural way or using technology means to conceive a child. Naturally, it will come with a set of difficulties, such as keeping them safe and happy, and as they mature, you will get the opportunity to choose which characteristics and interests a kid will develop.

rimworld biotech release date

The Mechanical is another significant new feature, and it gives you the ability to transform your colonists into humans who have unique brain implants that give them the ability to command semi-living robots. That is really wild sounding.

You will be able to cultivate them, command different varieties of them, and either make them into a “terrifying squadron of enormous ultra-tech war machines and industrial behemoths” or create a whole swarm of them under your direction.

This new technology comes with its own price tied to it, which of course includes pollution, which, if left unchecked, tends to distort both the creatures and the environment.

In addition to that, the Biotech expansion will provide you with the ability to engage in gene editing, which will enable you to change your people and transform them into xenohumans with unique characteristics. “subtle personality quirks and eye color to enormous hairy bodies, glands for fire-breathing, quick regeneration, and even immortality” are some examples of this. It would appear that you will need to keep an eye out for fresh groups of people utilizing it as well.

It is also planned to provide a significant free upgrade with version 1.4, which will feature a number of significant enhancements such as.

Enhancements to the performance of the startup

Walls, flooring, furniture, and lighting may all have their colors matched or customized by painting.

  • Shelves that are actually helpful and can store a lot of things.
  • The addition of two additional turret types.
  • Some colonists’ initial collections of belongings.
  • odor emanating from decomposing bodies
  • Brand new user interface for the mod manager.
  • New menu of available choices
  • The overlying heat.
  • Bar de recherche de Quest
  • Inspector of tiling.
  • + More

You can purchase the Linux version of RimWorld from GOG, the Humble Store, or Steam.

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