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Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date: It Will Premier in October 2022!

Get your gold glasses and take a seat: The third season of Love Is Blind starts on October 19. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back as hosts for the next episode of the dating experiment. They will introduce fans to single people willing to date and maybe even get engaged without seeing each other first.

As in previous seasons, 15 men and 15 women come to the Love Is Blind experiment ready to meet the possible love of their life… from behind a wall. Some could walk down the aisle and get married in a few weeks. In the trailer, new cast member Nancy says that this process might be “scary,” but it’s worth it in the search for a spouse.

Love Is Blind can lead to a happy marriage, as Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton, who were married in Season 1, can tell you. And the show’s creator, Chris Coelen, told Tudum that even cast members who don’t say “I do” come out of the journey loving themselves more than ever. The following 12 episodes will be full of romance, tears, drama, and self-discovery.

Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date

According to NetFlix, Love Is Blind Season 3 starts on October 19, and you can watch the first four episodes immediately. Then, episodes will keep coming out over the next three weeks. On October 26, episodes 5 through 7 will be released.

love is blind season 3

On November 2, attacks 8 through 11 will be removed, and on November 9, the season finale and cast reunion will be shown. The story of the Season 3 pod squad will come to a close with the reunion.

Love is Blind Season 3 Instagram

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What Happens in Love is Blind Season 3?

People choose to marry someone they’ve never met in person on the dating show Love Is Blind. All physical signs of who you are are hidden behind a blue wall glows. As in past seasons, singles get to know potential dates in pods where they can only hear their date’s voice.

Some do the experiment on their own. Some people get engaged in the pods and then meet after they’ve decided to get married. Will they still say “I do” when their love leaves the safety of the pods and is put to the test in the real world?

love is blind season 3

After going to Atlanta and Chicago in the last two seasons, this season’s cast is from Dallas.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast

Love Is Blind Season 3 will end up with only engaged couples on their way to the altar, but it starts with 30 single people willing to try out this different way of dating. To learn more about each person, check out our in-depth cast guide, which has information about their work and personal lives and links to their social media accounts.

The Men

  • Tony, medical device sales rep
  • Dakota, aerospace engineer
  • Brennon, water treatment engineer
  • Zach, med school/interior quality control manager
  • Dale, a cybersecurity student
  • Simmer, director of marketing technology
  • Nash, realtor
  • Cole, realtor
  • Anthony, Attorney
  • Matt, private charter sales executive
  • Bartise, senior analyst
  • Sikiru, aka “SK”, data engineer
  • Andrew, director of operations
  • DaVonté, fitness development coach
  • Julian, managing director of operations

The Women

love is blind season 3

  •  Below is a complete list of the cast. Ashley, chiropractor
  • Kalekia, ICU nurse practitioner
  • Brannigan, critical care nurse
  • Nancy, a real estate investor
  • Chelsey, customer success manager
  • Colleen, ballet dancer and digital PR strategist
  • Charita, makeup artist
  • Valerie, dermatologist
  • Amanda, stylist
  • Zanab, realtor
  • Raven, pilates instructor
  • Alexa, insurance agency owner
  • Jess, senior event producer
  • Loren, the medical device representative
  • Kim, teacher, and coach

Where Did Love is Blind Season 3 Film?

The pod part of Season 3 of Love Is Blind was shot in Santa Clarita, California. Then the show goes to Dallas, Texas, in the Lone Star State, to see how these engaged couples deal with the pressures of the real world.

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