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Dishonored 3: Is It Has Some Age Restriction?

Many fans of the stealth action-adventure game Dishonored were under the impression that the series had been essentially shelved when Arkane Lead Designer Ricardo Bare made the comment that the Dishonored series was “resting for now” back in 2018.

Thankfully, statements made by Arkane Studio’s Co-Creative Director Dinga Bakaba in the year 2021 have put an end to those rumors and made it clear that the Dishonored series is not going to be discontinued anytime soon.

Not at all, and considering the positive reception that the tonally comparable Deathloop had on the PS5, this is very encouraging news. Only recently have fans begun to speculate about what might be in store for the future and when we might see Dishonored 3 released in the future.

Dishonored 3 Release Date

As this article is being written, there have been no announcements made regarding the release date of Dishonored 3, and since there has been no indication as to whether or not Dishonored 3 is currently in development, it is nearly impossible to offer any kind of suggestions as to how long we could be waiting for a third installment in the series.

Dishonored 3 Plot

At the time this article was written in 2022, the only thing that appears to be certain regarding a hypothetical Dishonored 3 game is that it will not be connected in any way to the first two games in the series.

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Arkane Studio’s Co-Creative Director Dinga Bakaba indicated, when speaking with IGN Middle East, that any future additions would likely focus on a new story arc and new characters, as the Kaldwin plot is effectively ‘complete.’

“It’s something where we had a tale to tell about the Kaldwins and the Outsider, and that story is over,” Bakaba said. “It’s something where we had a story to tell about the Outsider.” “So, regardless of what occurs, Dishonored has reached its conclusion.Dishonored 3

This is the most accurate and helpful response we are able to provide, but regardless of what happens, I don’t think we will be going back to that [the Kaldwin tale].

That is undeniably an original course of action. It’s possible that some other people had a different opinion on the matter, but the decision was made on a creative level to avoid returning to that portion of the Dishonored universe.

Is Arkane Working on Dishonored 3 at This Time?

Bakaba’s statement in the interview with IGN that Arkane is “not a studio of one game, and I don’t think we ever will be” was one of the most interesting lines to come out of the conversation.

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Naturally, any questions regarding what Arkane could be working on next need to be phrased in terms of what else is going on with Bethesda.

This is because Arkane is a subsidiary of Bethesda Game Studios. Arkane has provided assistance in the past for projects such as Wolfenstein: Youngblood; therefore, it is possible that they will provide assistance for Indiana Jones as well. Potentially.

However, we are also aware that they are working very hard on Redfall, which has the potential to become another hit for Xbox Game Studios’ live service if it lives up to the excitement that we witnessed when it was initially introduced.

Dishonored 3

Obviously, this doesn’t leave many areas for Dishonored to play a role in the story. On the other hand, as we will discuss further down, it is also possible that the production company is seeking new methods to carry on that tradition.

Is There a Link Between Deathloop and Dishonored?

Some users on Reddit are completely sure that the location of Deathloop, Blackreef Island, might be the same island that is referred to as Trivia in the Dishonored series. However, Arkane has not publicly stated that there is any relationship between the two games.

You can certainly draw parallels between the game’s powers, especially considering that Game Director Dinga Bakaba described them as “Dishonored” abilities in an interview with IGN. Yes, they may have stuffed the game full of easter eggs, and you can certainly draw parallels between the game’s powers.

Many people assume that Deathloop is an unofficial spin-off from the Dishonored series, despite the fact that this cannot be proven.

It is possible that Arkane aims to do this with other games in the future, entries that are distantly linked but are not overtly follow-ons from the core Dishonored series. If this is the case, then this could be what Arkane plans to accomplish.

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