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During Her Conflict With Paris’s Mother, Kathy Hilton, ‘real Housewives’ Star Lisa Rinna Was Criticised for Sharing a Meme About Paris’s Assault.

After Lisa Rinna shared a Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton meme on her Instagram story, she received criticism from fans.

According to Buzzfeed, during the Wednesday installment of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12 reunion, Kathy called Rinna “the worst bully in Hollywood,” prompting Rinna to tweet a post by the user @woke stan criticizing Kathy’s comments.

Kathy to Lisa: you are Hollywood’s biggest bully,” the post’s opening line read.

The next line said, “Me to Kathy: you’re the mother who had her daughter stolen in the middle of the night, which led to her being molested.”
Kathy “never apologized” to her daughter Paris, according to the post.

Paris is now an outspoken critic of the troubled teen industry after claiming she was abused in three different treatment centers. When she was 16, she attended Provo Canyon School, where she was “verbally, emotionally, and physically harassed on a regular basis,” according to her testimony before the Utah State Senate in 2021.

She stated, as reported by Buzzfeed, that for the past two decades she has had a reoccurring nightmare in which she is abducted in the middle of the night by two strangers, subjected to a strip search, and then locked in a facility.

As much as I’d like to reassure you, “this haunting nightmare is merely a dream,” I can’t.
Utah Senate Bill 127, which sought to overhaul residential care facilities for problematic youth, was passed in March 2021 in response to Paris’s testimony.

During Her Conflict With Paris's Mother, Kathy Hilton, 'real Housewives' Star Lisa Rinna Was Criticised for Sharing a Meme About Paris's Assault.

After suffering abuse at Provo Canyon School, Paris said it felt “very empowering” to work with Senator Mike McKell to enact SB 127, a law that improves regulation of Utah’s Managed Teen Industry and establishes major limits on the use of confinement, narcotics, and isolation chambers, among other measures.

Meanwhile, Rinna and Kathy have been publicly feuding ever before this season’s disastrous “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast vacation to Aspen. Rinna’s repost of @woke stan’s meme was seen as her using Paris’s trauma as a weapon against Kathy by many viewers and was deemed “a new low” by others.

During the second half of the season 12 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which aired on October 19, Rinna revealed she can be reckless on social media.

Cohen said to Rinna as she sat on the couch with her coworkers, “Lisa, I have spoken to you about this privately many times.” The results of your social media efforts have been awful.

Throughout the season, Rinna frequently took to Instagram to voice her displeasure with the show’s portrayal of certain characters and events. She posted screenshots of private text chats and harshly criticized the other housewives and the show’s creators.

Cohen said to Rinna, “You have no impulse control.

“You always seem to bring unnecessary hardship upon yourself. You put something up, then realize you need to take it down “the man continued.

Rinna, Kathy, and Paris Hilton’s reps did not immediately reply to comment requests from Insider.

The British version of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” may be seen on Hayu on Wednesdays. On Wednesday, the third and final segment of the 12th season reunion aired.

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