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Florida Food Stamps: SNAP Benefits Schedule in December 2022

Seniors on fixed incomes, those with disabilities, and other low-income households can receive assistance from food stamps programs.

Establishing SNAP eligibility and paying benefits to Florida SNAP accounts on a regular monthly basis are the responsibilities of the Florida Department of Children and Families Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS).

Food Stamps Schedule of Release in Florida

Anywhere the Quest logo is displayed, including most significant grocery store chains, select businesses, and participating farmers’ markets, your Florida EBT card can be used.

Depending on where you live, you might even be able to order groceries with your EBT card and have them delivered to your house.

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, vitamins, medications, dietary supplements, live animals, pet food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, cosmetics, and hot, ready-to-eat foods are a few of the things you can’t purchase with SNAP benefits.

Additionally, there is the SUNCAP Program, a food aid program for people on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). When you become eligible for SSI, you can be immediately enrolled in the SUNCAP Program if you currently receive SNAP payments. Florida’s food aid payment schedule for December 2022 is as follows:

Case number’s 9th and 8th digits are:  benefits available:
00-03 Dec. 1st
04-06 Dec. 2nd
07-10 Dec. 3rd
11-13 Dec. 4th
14-17 Dec. 5th
18-20 Dec. 6th
21-24 Dec. 7th
25-27 Dec. 8th
28-31 Dec. 9th
32-34 Dec. 10th
35-38 Dec. 11th
39-41 Dec. 12th
42-45 Dec. 13th
46-48 Dec. 14th
49-53 Dec. 15th
54-57 Dec. 16th
58-60 Dec. 17th
61-64 Dec. 18th
65-67 Dec. 19th
68-71 Dec. 20th
72-74 Dec. 21st
75-78 Dec. 22nd
79-81 Dec. 23rd
82-85 Dec. 24th
86-88 Dec. 25th
89-92 Dec. 26th
93-95 Dec. 27th
96-99 Dec. 28th

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EBT Discounts in Florida

SNAP-Food Stamps-Florida-SUNCAP
Seniors on fixed incomes, those with disabilities, and other low-income households can receive assistance from food stamps programs.

Additionally, Florida provides SNAP users with a vast array of advantages and services, such as the following:

  • Amazon Prime: For $6.99 per month, or roughly half the typical price of a subscription, Florida SNAP participants can sign up for an Amazon Prime EBT Discount.
  • Computers, the internet, and mobile phones: Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, qualified SNAP recipients may be eligible to receive up to a $30 monthly discount on internet service or a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer and a low-cost service plan covered by the ACP. The Lifeline program of the Federal Communications Commission also offers free cell phones to SNAP users who qualify.
  • Farmers’ markets: Fresh Access Bucks (FAB), a project of Feeding Florida, is a statewide nutrition incentive program that encourages Florida SNAP recipients to use their benefits at farmers’ markets, produce stands, community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, mobile markets, and neighborhood grocery stores. You will receive $1 in Fresh Access Bucks for every $1 you spend on fresh food using your EBT card.
  • Zoos, aquariums, and museums: The Museums for All initiative offers Florida EBT cardholders free or reduced admission to more than 600 zoos, aquariums, and museums nationwide.

Based on the 9th and 8th numbers of your Florida case number (read backward), omitting the 10th digit, SNAP benefits in Florida are distributed between the first and the 28th of the month.

Additionally, SNAP participants will get a sizable payment in December that includes the 12.5% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that has been authorized for 2023. Through September 30, 2023, the COLA will be in effect, assisting SNAP users with rising food prices.

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