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Tesla releases wireless charging platform comparable to Apple’s failed version

Tesla has introduced the Wireless Charging Platform, a $300 mat capable of simultaneously charging up to three devices. Each Qi-enabled wireless device, such as an iPhone, Android, or pair of AirPods, can receive up to 15W of charging power from the mat.

As per Tesla’s website, the mat is now available for pre-order, and shipping will commence in February 2023.

Tesla’s Upcoming Cybertruck

Tesla’s charging mat may appear to be a tangential product, but it’s likely part of the company’s larger product strategy, which has previously included tequila and a phone charger. According to Tesla, the design of the mat was inspired by the forthcoming Cybertruck.

Apple scrapped plans for a similar product called AirPower in 2019 because it did not meet the company’s standards.

Additionally, FreePower was the company formerly known as Aira. In 2020, the company’s system was recognized as the closest comparable to AirPower. Numerous individuals have compared the Wireless Charging Platform to the discontinued Apple product.

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Tesla FreePower Technology

Tesla-Wireless Charging Platform-Apple-$300
Tesla has introduced the Wireless Charging Platform, a $300 mat capable of simultaneously charging up to three devices.

The iPhone manufacturer also promised an accessory that could simultaneously charge up to three devices, regardless of their position on the pad.

Apple announced that the mat could also be used to charge an Apple Watch and that the mat and your devices would “intelligently work together and communicate with each other to manage to charge through a more efficient charging system.”

Tesla does not guarantee any of these things. Consequently, you won’t be able to use the platform to charge your Apple, Galaxy, or Pixel Watch, as the majority of wearables are not Qi-compatible. In addition, Tesla’s website makes no mention of devices’ ability to communicate to maximize charging efficiency.

The significance of this last point is debatable, however. With a 65W power adapter and the capacity to deliver up to 15W to each of the three devices, does Tesla need to optimize for efficiency in 2018 as Apple planned? There is an integrated USB-C power cable on the partition, which may be a deal breaker for some.

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