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Twitter company sued for not paying rent worth $136,000 in California office

Twitter is currently facing a lawsuit after California Property Trust revealed in court documents that Elon Musk’s company has not paid $136,250 in rent.

The California Property Trust informed Twitter on December 16 that it would be in default of its lease for the 30th floor of the Hartford Building if it did not pay its outstanding rent within five days.

Twitter Did Not Pay Rent

According to California Property Trust’s complaint filed with the San Francisco County Superior Court, Twitter did not comply with the court order. In 2017, Twitter leased the building space for seven years.

In addition to being sued for failing to pay its rent, Twitter is also accused of neglecting to pay for two $187,725 charter flights in October. The complaint was filed in New Hampshire District Court last month.

Musk has now expanded Twitter’s legal team by bringing SpaceX attorneys to the social media startup. Earlier reports said that Twitter ceased paying rent on all of its global offices in recent weeks to reduce operational costs.

The number of floors at the San Francisco offices of Twitter has been reduced from four to two, and janitorial services have been reduced for over a month. The company’s janitors went on strike in early December, demanding more pay, and Elon Musk responded by eliminating the janitorial services.

Remaining employees reported that the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco is in disorder, with individuals crammed into smaller spaces and the stench of leftover takeout food and body odor lingering on the floors.

The latest development apparently caused the remaining employees to bring their own toilet paper. An internal document showed that Musk has sought to save about $500 million in nonlabor costs.

Musk said that Twitter had a little over 2,000 people. KPMG, a consulting and accounting firm, has also not received payments from the corporation.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Worsen Company

Elon Musk-Space X-KPMG-Twitter-Money
Twitter is currently facing a lawsuit after California Property Trust revealed in court documents that Elon Musk’s company has not paid $136,250 in rent.

When Musk took over the firm, he ousted Twitter’s top executives. Additionally, he reduced employment at the social media company by 50%. In addition, the newly appointed Twitter CEO acknowledged that the business experienced a huge reduction in revenue when he successfully closed the Twitter acquisition agreement.

Musk then claimed that campaign organizations were to fault for influencing advertisers’ future safety and content policies. Audi, Pfizer, and General Motors are just a few of the companies whose expenditure on the platform has been suspended.

Additionally, Twitter unveiled its premium Blue service, which allows users to authenticate their accounts for just $8 per month. According to Musk, the launch of the Blue service intends to reduce the number of spam accounts.

Additionally, Musk unfroze the accounts used by the late American president Donald Trump, the late British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate, and the late Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson. Kanye West, an American rapper, was also reinstated but was then suspended once more for tweeting a swastika inside a star of David.

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