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AI supported holographic cell phones are soon to be available!

AI-supported holographic cell phones are soon to arise as the discussion moves forward between the tech industries.

Isaac Asimov anticipated 3D virtual meetings but gave them the odd moniker of tridimensional personification. With VR headsets and 3D cameras, you could almost achieve this now, but it would be awkward at best.

Holographic Cell Phones

It is simple to see conference rooms filled with computers and scanners, but an MIT student has developed a solution that might eliminate all of that by utilizing machine learning to make the creation of holograms simpler.

As usual, though, the popular press may be rather exaggerated. TensorFlow makes it possible to build real-time holograms at a few frames per second from photos with depth information, which is also available on some phones, using consumer-grade computing power found in high-end smartphones.

There is still the issue of displaying the hologram on the opposite side, which your phone is incapable of doing. Therefore, any insinuation that you would download an app that enables hologram phone calls is exaggerated, and graphics depicting this are the product of photoshop.

Using supervising holograms as a reference, the technique essentially trained a neural network to predict what a scene will look like as a hologram. However, the latest work expands on this by proposing a two-stage training regime in which one training cycle is supervised and the second is unsupervised.

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AI Technology

AI-Holographic-TensorFlow-Tech-Smart Phones-3D
Isaac Asimov anticipated 3D virtual meetings but gave them the odd moniker of tridimensional personification.


New holographic technology is making waves to bridge the gap between the actual and virtual worlds, putting webcam talks with zoom-like capabilities in jeopardy of extinction.

People from all walks of life are beaming themselves into meetings in real-time from anywhere in the world, kindling the science fantasy dreams of people who have been viewing films like Star Wars, Avatar, and Prometheus.

The original, patent-protected hologram device from Proto M, developed by the Los Angeles company Proto, has been named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Digital Health category. 

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