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Healthcare developments to include importance of entrepreneur, spread of electronic health records

In 2023, the healthcare industry will experience significant changes, which will be fueled by a few key breakthroughs. 

The introduction of 5G, the government’s push for digital health, the rise of entrepreneurs, the metaverse, and cyber security. Technology will dominate the disruption of the healthcare industry.

Tech To Dominate Health Industry


With the government providing incentives for the adoption of electronic health records (EHR), the number of persons using digital health records may increase. The ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) number will likely be required to get healthcare services at public healthcare facilities. To ensure that this system remains hack-proof, ABHA must have the highest level of security, and I would not rule out a large-scale cyberattack in 2023.


With the introduction of 5G, both new and established healthcare providers will transition to digital consultations, resulting in a rise in digital health adoption. Already exceeding 80 million consultations, eSanjeevani, the government’s digital consultation portal is expected to reach 150 million by the end of 2023. eSanjeevani will be the largest digital venue for consultations. 


The usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will increase in the healthcare industry, and this trend will shift from the periphery and institutions to the center (of care delivery) and individuals. There will be newer applications of AI and action areas.

With accumulating evidence in favor of AI-ML and its role in improving the efficiency of healthcare, I anticipate that AI will be implemented in primary care through tertiary care by 2023.


Many people are still unaware of the capabilities of the metaverse, but by the third quarter of 2023, I anticipate significant investment in this area. Even if the metaverse has a long way to go in healthcare, its role and integration in preventative and promotional health services cannot be discounted.

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Top Health Innovations

In 2023, the healthcare industry will experience significant changes, which will be fueled by a few key breakthroughs.


Ashirase Wearable Navigation System

Ashirase is a wearable navigation system that assists visually impaired individuals while walking. It consists of smartphone software and a motion-sensor in-shoe gadget.

The software generates navigational instructions for the user, which are given via vibrations in the in-shoe gadget, using data from the sensor, together with map and satellite positioning information. The smart vibrations can securely direct visually impaired individuals to their destination without disturbing their hearing, which is essential for those with low vision.

PCR Test For Monkeypox Altitude

Abbot scientists have developed a novel monkeypox PCR test for use in laboratories. The monkeypox test was developed by Abbott scientists to operate on the company’s Alinity m laboratory instrument, which is found in hospitals and central laboratories around the globe.

FRENZ Brainband

FRENZ Brainband is a wearable gadget that continuously monitors brain activity and numerous physiological data. It captures brain signals (EEG), several vital signs (such as oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing rhythm), head movement, facial micro-movements (electromyography, or EMG), and eye movements. It is the world’s first comfortable hospital-grade brain-tracking wearable (electrooculogram, or EOG).

The gadget leverages these signals to give individualized cognitive behavioral treatment using bone-conduction speakers in an effort to improve sleep start, depth, and duration, resulting in more revitalizing mornings.

BIOT Korea Stem Cell Navigator

Stem Cell Navigator is a minimally invasive medical micro-robot that can deliver many pharmacological treatments to the damaged area of the body. In addition, an external electronic driving mechanism is utilized to transport the medicine straight to the intended location.

Spinamic Live

Spinamic Live is an effective and comfortable scoliosis brace designed to correct spine curvature. Untreated scoliosis can result in the need for surgery, but a brace can help prevent this outcome. However, typical plastic braces can be painful and unattractive, resulting in low patient compliance and diminished efficacy.

Spinamic Live promises to increase compliance by incorporating a pressure sensor into a breathable fabric. In addition, it has a mobile app that allows patients and caregivers to measure wearing time and employ a motivating program to maximize clinical outcomes.

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