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Gold is rising as investors anticipate a slower pace of Fed rate hikes

Gold has regained its luster as investors wager that a decline in U.S. inflation will stall the Fed’s rate hikes and make the precious metal more desirable.

On Wednesday, its futures reached their highest level in eight months, reaching $1,882 per ounce, a 14% increase since late November.

Gold Interest Rates

When interest rates are rising, investors gravitate toward assets that provide stable returns, such as government bonds. In April of last year, prices declined as the US Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates in an effort to manage inflation.

As consumer price growth slows, however, the market anticipates that the Fed will moderate US interest rate hikes, hence boosting demand.

Despite the euphoria among investors, the Fed has not signaled a policy shift. 

The minutes from the central bank’s December meeting, which were released last week, emphasized that significantly more evidence was necessary for the central bank to pivot away from its path of further rate hikes.

In addition, a number of nations are increasing their reserves, a factor that contributes to the price increase.

The dollar’s depreciation during the past few months has made it simpler for non-U.S. nations to purchase gold, as it has become less expensive. However, there are other ways to invest in gold; the following are the most common.

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Investment Opportunities

Gold has regained its luster as investors wager that a decline in U.S. inflation will stall the Fed’s rate hikes and make the precious metal more desirable.


Indians have always viewed jewelry as a safe way to invest in gold, particularly in rural areas and small towns, due in part to a lack of information or access to other investment opportunities.

Coins And Bars

If you like to add physical gold to your portfolio but do not wish to pay the premium associated with jewelry, you may wish to investigate 22- or 24-karat coins or bullion bars (995 and above).


India is one of the countries with the greatest consumer market while producing the least amount of gold. In 2015, the Reserve bank of India (RBI) issued sovereign bonds on behalf of the Indian government in order to cut the cost of imports in order to meet the demand of consumers.

SGBs are distributed in multiples of grams with a minimum investment of merely one gram of gold. Each unit of the gold bonds is backed by a gram of 999-purity gold.

Investing in gold can offer both advantages and disadvantages. It is unlike stocks and bonds, which provide regular income through dividends and interest, but it can provide liquidity and act as a hedge against inflation quite effectively.

Those seeking liquidity might consider investing in gold ETFs and funds, whereas those seeking long-term investments should consider SGBs.

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