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Samsung self-repair program included in Galaxy S22 series, personal computers

In conjunction with iFixit, Samsung launched its self-repair program in the United States in August 2017 with support for seven devices.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ and the Galaxy S20 and S21 flagships (excluding the FE variants). Today, five new gadgets are being added to the program.

Samsung Self Repair Program

Owners of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra can now obtain replacement display assemblies, rear panels, and charging ports. The S22 will soon reach one year old, and its US warranty will soon expire (unless you purchased additional protection through Samsung Care+).

Samsung has expanded its self-repair program to encompass its Galaxy S22 flagship smartphones and, for the first time, its Galaxy Book Pro notebooks.

The business said that its self-repair program now offers authentic replacement parts for the Galaxy Book Pro 15-inch, Galaxy Book Pro 360 15-inch, and Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

In conjunction with iFixit, the largest online repair community, Galaxy Book owners will have access to seven authentic components, Samsung said.

This includes the front and back of the casing, the display, the battery, the touchpad, the power button with a fingerprint reader, and the rubber foot. On, interested users can get online repair guides for Samsung smartphones.

Mark Williams, vice president of customer care at Samsung Electronics America, stated that the program has been a success, with customers consistently asking for the addition of new models.

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Patent Application In US

Samsung-Tech-Business-iFixit-US News
In conjunction with iFixit, Samsung launched its self-repair program in the United States in August 2017 with support for seven devices.

People want more from their devices and require durable, long-lasting items. Samsung is dedicated to providing care alternatives that fit client requirements.

In April 2022, Samsung debuted its Self Repair program in the United States, first supplying instructions and replacement components for a limited selection of its products, including the Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7+.

In November 2022, the company submitted a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a Self Repair Assistant, that might assist its clients in expediting the repair procedure.

The trademark application featured an app symbol resembling Samsung with a cogwheel and wrench on a blue background. However, the firm has not announced a Self Repair Assistant application.

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