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First robotic surgery in Israel performed on a woman, who can now walk after spine fracture

A spinal fracture was repaired for the first time at the Jerusalem hospital using robotic surgery, a less invasive surgical technique.

A Shaare Zedek Medical Center (SZMC) team in Jerusalem performed revolutionary surgery for the first time in Israel, allowing a 65-year-old lady named Leah Biton to walk pain-free just two days after suffering an uncommon spine fracture and being unable to move around.

First Robotic Surgery In Israel

At the Jerusalem hospital, a minimally invasive surgical technique was used for the first time to repair a spinal fracture via the belly cavity using cutting-edge equipment.

In the novel robotic surgery, screws are employed that go through them autonomously after calculating their exact position in the spine through the abdominal cavity in preparation, sparing patients from a tough and complex operation.

The woman who lives in Ma’ale Adumim slipped and fell on her wrist while scrubbing the floor in her apartment last week. As a result of the fall, she had excruciating agony in her hand and throughout her entire body and sought treatment at the Terem emergency medical center.

An examination revealed that the wrist was fractured, and the hand was cast. Biton stated that she did not realize that the extreme agony she felt throughout her entire body was the result of an atypical spinal fracture that was not identified due to the sharp pain in her hand. It rendered her incapable.

Dr. Cesar Mizrahi, a neurosurgeon and spine surgery specialist at SZMC who was born in Brazil and relocated to Australia in recent years, has performed a large number of these procedures in Melbourne. Due to the success of the cases in Australia and around the world, the approach was introduced for the first time in Israel, coupled with the surgeon’s extensive experience with these surgeries.

The surgery was a collaboration between a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ram Shapira, director of the hospital’s bariatric surgery unit, and a spine surgeon, Dr. Yair Barzilay, director of the hospital’s spine surgery unit.

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Success And Recovery Time

Robotic Surgery-Israel-Tech-Business-Lifestyle-Health
A spinal fracture was repaired for the first time at the Jerusalem hospital using robotic surgery, a less invasive surgical technique.

The surgery was performed with a minimally invasive anterior approach following a rigorous planning procedure conducted in consultation with imaging specialists. Shapira began with a little incision of a few millimeters in the belly, followed by Mizrahi and Barzilay with nerve release and anterior fixation.

They were aided by the Mazor Company’s robot, one of the most advanced systems now available on the market, which allowed them to pinpoint the exact location of the whole fixation system.

The state-of-the-art robotically guided instrumentation utilizes a first-of-its-kind fixation system in Israel that supports the spine at 360 degrees, saves muscle incisions, and enables a painless fusion that is faster and more accurate.

Small incision surgeries replace invasive and unpleasant procedures that take over a month to recuperate from and allow for optimal results without damaging the muscles.

Several studies have already compared the data about success and recovery time between minimally invasive surgeries and open surgeries, with minimally invasive procedures showing a significant benefit.

In addition, robot-assisted spinal fixation is demonstrably more precise than conventional procedures. We are delighted to be among the pioneers of procedures that improve the quality of life for our patients.

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