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US hospitals remains overcrowded despite a decreasing infection threat

US hospitals remain overcrowded despite a decreased number of patients receiving treatment for respiratory illnesses. Numerous patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in downtown Boston are lined up in the emergency room’s hallways as they wait to be assigned an upstairs room.

Approximately 87% of the state’s available hospital beds were occupied as of Friday, and capacity issues have barely improved despite a sharp decline in the number of patients receiving treatment for respiratory illnesses.

US Hospitals Are Still Full

Every day, there are between 25 and 100 patients waiting for beds upstairs in our emergency room. Therefore, if that number was 25 today and 100 two weeks ago, Yes, there is an improvement, but the queue is still very lengthy, Mattison added.

When there are just 35 individuals waiting as opposed to 75, perhaps there is less of a sardine-like situation in the emergency room. Still, it’s not terrific.

As in Massachusetts, influenza, COVID-19, and RSV winter triple threat is receding across the nation, and the majority of states now report low or no levels of overall respiratory illness activity.

According to federal data, the number of emergency room visits for respiratory infections nationwide has decreased by 30% from a month ago. Hospitalizations for flu are almost at their lowest point of the season, dating back to October. 

Only 4% of hospital beds countrywide are being occupied by COVID-19 patients, whose hospitalizations have been declining for the past few weeks. COVID-19 is the latest of the three viruses to trend downward.

In January 2022, during the early Omicron surge, COVID-19 patients occupied the majority of hospital beds. Hospitals are as nearly as packed as they have ever been during the epidemic, with at least 75% of all available beds being occupied nationwide for the whole year of 2022. 

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Situation Seen Not Changing In The Near Future

Pandemic-Covid-19-Massachusetts-Health-RSV-US News
US hospitals remain overcrowded despite a decreased number of patients receiving treatment for respiratory illnesses.

Experts claim that hospitals were already experiencing capacity and resource problems prior to the epidemic, largely as a result of the sicker-than-before patients who are being admitted.

There has been a rise in the acuity of hospital patients over the past few years, according to Nancy Foster, vice president for quality and patient safety at the American Hospital Association.

So what you see is this collection of gravely ill people in hospitals. If you work at a hospital as a doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, or any other type of health care provider, you constantly have a challenging puzzle to solve in order to assist that patient.

There is no federal data to compare to years before the pandemic since the federal government in 2020 must comply with a pandemic mandate.

Foster of the American Hospital Association claims that the designation of a pandemic emergency has increased the alternatives available to patients looking for care outside of hospitals, including telehealth.

He claims that COVID-19 still represents the greatest risk in the situation, not because a new variety will certainly lead to more hospitalizations, but rather because the unpredictability is forcing hospitals to keep more beds on hand as a safety net just in case.

Since January 2020, the federal government has continuously extended the emergency designation; nevertheless, it will likely expire in May.

Without it, according to Foster, hospitals would likely be far more crowded than they already are, especially since alternatives to hospital treatment may once again become more scarce.

We do have a number of flexibilities that were granted to hospitals by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, other federal agencies, and the states during COVID-19 that are being used for a wide variety of patients, which is part of the reason we do have the kind of inpatient hospital capacity that we do at this time, she said. If those were to go suddenly, we would have trouble providing treatment for the number of patients we have right now.

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