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Miami highway shooter charged over 2021 shooting incident caught on camera

The man who opened fire from his automobile on I-95 over two years ago has had all charges dropped by the State Attorney’s Office in Miami-Dade County.

Eric Popper, the motorist who pulled out a revolver and shot at another driver through his own automobile on I-95 in Miami-Dade County, has had all charges against him dropped by the state attorney’s office.

Chilling Dash Camera Video 

The incident of road rage started in June 2021, but it took a bizarre turn in January 2022. Popper’s dashcam footage from his Toyota Venza was released to the press. Popper’s lawyer claims the video evidence proves his client acted in self-defense. It was approved by the state attorney’s office.

On his way to work in 2021, Eric Popper overtook another motorist on I-95. The second motorist started tailgating the 30-year-old and beeping his horn at him. Popper gave him a brake check.

The other driver drew up alongside Popper, and this is when reports split. The other driver allegedly tossed a water bottle, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. 

Popper asserts that it was gunshots, and he responded by firing back. What hit Popper’s crossover SUV is not visible in the video.

Unsettling dash camera footage that Local 10 News was able to get shows Popper slamming on his brakes and then firing seconds later.

Asper to Florida Highway Patrol officers, the other vehicle then threw a water bottle in the direction of Popper’s Toyota Venza, although Popper insists it was gunfire.

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Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Dropped Charges

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Miami-Dade County’s State Attorney’s Office dropped all charges against the guy who opened fire from his car on I-95 two years ago.

Following the road rage incident, Eric Popper was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. However, Popper’s accusations have since been dropped by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. 

According to Popper’s attorney Robert Gershman, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Legislation is the reason why the charge was withdrawn.

Gershman, who spoke to WPLG, “Mr. Popper was entirely fair and justified in his actions under the stand your ground law. There was no doubt that Mr. Popper had been shot at when you looked at the facts of the case and listened to them.”

“It’s always easier to see things clearly in retrospect. We can always reflect on the past and wish we had done something otherwise. I would not have pressed my brakes, that is something I am certain of. Other strategies would have been mine. De-escalation efforts should be made,” he advised.

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