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A Royal Morning: King Charles and Camilla to be Crowned at Westminster Abbey

King Charles and Queen Camilla are scheduled to be crowned today, making it a significant day for the royal family.

It will formally begin at 11 am in Westminster Abbey and last for two hours. Heads of state, representatives of foreign governments, cabinet members, first ministers, previous prime ministers, foreign royals, and members of the royal family begin to arrive at 9.30am.

Prince Andrew Booed at King Charles Coronation Arrival

Meanwhile, other people were detained at a protest in downtown London, including the leader of the country’s largest republican movement.

Human Rights Watch’s UK head Yasmine Ahmed has commented on the arrests at the coronation this morning:

Alarming tales of people being detained while peacefully opposing the coronation have surfaced. 

You would anticipate seeing this in Moscow, not London. People can hold people in authority accountable through peaceful protests, but the UK government seems to be growing more and more opposed to this.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was reportedly driven along the Mall in a state vehicle, according to PA. 

Andrew was greeted with jeers from some of the spectators in the grandstand in front of Buckingham Palace.

At Westminster Abbey, the first visitors are beginning to show up and take their seats. There is a lot of small talk to make given that the ceremony doesn’t begin until 11am and it isn’t even 8am in London yet.

Visitors are already beginning to swarm Westminster Abbey, showing their excitement to be there. Hats are present everywhere. Most folks are wearing their best Sunday attire. Others have their medals on.

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Coronation Decor and Visitors

King Charles and Queen Camilla are scheduled to be crowned today, making it a significant day for the royal family.

There are much fewer peers than at the coronation of the queen. Only a select few, notably Tanni Grey-Thompson, are wearing their ceremonial robes made of red and white ermine.

The crimson, gold, and purple robes that the king and queen will wear have been best highlighted by the royal blue carpet in the theatre of coronation.

Gleaming gold plate is used to embellish the high altar.

Later in the play, the action takes place in a theater of coronation that has been decked with flowers in shades of red, burgundy, and yellow.

Nick Cave, Emma Thompson, Andrea Leadsom, the governor of the Bank of England, and others have been seen coming thus far. 

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