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Israel Implements Daily Ceasefires: White House Announces 4-Hour Breaks in Gaza Operations

Israel Agrees to Four-Hour Pauses in Northern Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict In a significant development on Thursday.

The White House announced that Israel had agreed to implement daily four-hour pauses in military operations in specific areas of Northern Gaza. 

Israel Enforces Daily 4-Hour Military Operation Pauses

This action appears to formalize a plan of intermittent ceasefires to facilitate humanitarian relief supplies reaching the area and enable civilians to flee the fighting area. Israel has been halting hostilities for the previous few days in order to provide safe openings for the southward evacuation of people. 

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized in a statement on Thursday evening that there would be no ceasefire without the release of hostages held by Hamas.

John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, described the agreement for four-hour pauses as a positive first step in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He clarified that Israel would announce the timing of these pauses three hours in advance, assuring that there would be no military operations during these breaks.

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Biden’s Call for Extended Pauses

Israel Agrees to Four-Hour Pauses in Northern Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict In a significant development on Thursday.

President Joe Biden, speaking at Joint Base Andrews shortly after the announcement, revealed that he had urged Netanyahu to agree to longer pauses during a Monday phone call. Expressing some frustration, Biden acknowledged that the process took a little longer than he hoped.

Kirby highlighted that Israel’s decision to allow these pauses followed extensive engagement by the administration to ensure the safe passage of humanitarian assistance and civilians. These brief windows of opportunity are intended not only for aid but also for the safe passage of hostages held by Hamas.

Despite the positive tone of the announcement, Israeli strikes continue in southern Gaza. The Israeli government refers to these four-hour breaks as “tactical localized pauses,” specifying that each day they will occur in a specific area. 

This approach aims to provide notice to residents, enabling them to travel south for aid and relief. The official also argued that the visible movement of people from northern to southern Gaza signals a weakening grip of Hamas in the region.

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