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Ohio Department of Commerce Distributes $3.4 Million in Unclaimed Funds

Ohioans and Michiganders recently found themselves engaged in a friendly competition that led to the rediscovery of more than $3.4 million in unclaimed funds. 

The initiative, aptly named the “Find Forgotten Funds” competition, was orchestrated by the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Unclaimed Funds and the Michigan Department of Treasury, creating a unique rivalry that captured the attention and participation of residents from both states.

Cross-State Rivalry Ignites 

The spirited contest, timed strategically to coincide with the fervor surrounding “The Game” over the weekend, aimed to encourage residents to search for and claim forgotten funds that might be rightfully theirs. 

The Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds reported an impressive turnout, with over 226,000 searches initiated by Ohioans eager to reconnect with lost assets. 

Michigan residents were not far behind, logging more than 240,000 searches in their quest for unclaimed funds.

The heightened interest in uncovering forgotten financial assets translated into tangible results, with more than 33,000 claims filed as a direct outcome of the competition. 

This marked a significant financial recovery for participants in both Ohio and Michigan, underscoring the effectiveness of the friendly rivalry in bringing attention to the often-overlooked realm of unclaimed funds.

In the month of November alone, the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds disbursed an impressive $3.4 million in unclaimed funds to deserving claimants. 

The success of the competition garnered praise from Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds Superintendent Akil Hardy, who commended Michigan on their performance and emphasized the ultimate victory for residents in both states.

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Ohio and Michigan Residents Recover Millions in Friendly Competition

Ohioans and Michiganders recently found themselves engaged in a friendly competition that led to the rediscovery of more than $3.4 million in unclaimed funds.

For those who actively participated in the competition and filed a claim, the process is streamlined for convenience. 

Claimants can upload their necessary documents online for review. While the review and processing of claims may take up to 120 days, the approved claimants can anticipate receiving their rightful funds via check in the mail.

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response and successful outcomes of the inaugural competition, officials express anticipation for a rematch with Michigan next fall. 

The prospect of another round of fund recovery and friendly rivalry sets the stage for continued financial awareness and the potential discovery of unclaimed funds that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of residents.

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