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Maine Prepares for the Worst: CMP Mobilizes 325 Crews for Windstorm Threat

As southern Maine breathes a sigh of relief from recent power outage concerns, the focus now shifts towards the midcoast and Down East regions as a powerful windstorm approaches.  The forecast predicts wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour, prompting authorities and utility companies to take proactive measures.

Central Maine Power (CMP) has been closely monitoring the impending windstorm for several days and has mobilized resources to address potential outages. 

Storm Preparedness

In anticipation, the company has strategically positioned 325 line crews, ready to respond swiftly to any disruptions in power. The unique challenge posed by this storm is the direction of the wind, which is expected to come from the south. CMP explains that trees in Maine have evolved to withstand winds from the northeast. 

The shift in wind direction raises concerns about an increased risk of trees being toppled during the storm, potentially leading to power outages.

To address this concern, CMP has enlisted the support of approximately 250 additional tree crews. These crews will be deployed to assist in clearing roads, cutting fallen trees, and responding to any damage caused by trees during the storm. 

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Maine CMP’s Response to Anticipated Windstorm 

As southern Maine breathes a sigh of relief from recent power outage concerns, the focus now shifts towards the midcoast and Downeast regions as a powerful windstorm approaches.

Jon Breed, spokesperson for CMP, emphasized the importance of a comprehensive response to mitigate the impact of the storm on the region. “Because of that, we have about 250 additional tree crews that will be deployed to help clear roads, cut up trees that fall, and help respond to any tree damage that could also occur,” said Breed.

This proactive approach comes on the heels of last Sunday’s storm, during which CMP had to respond to about two dozen car crashes involving utility poles.  The utility company is taking no chances and is gearing up for a comprehensive response to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of residents in the affected areas.

As the windstorm approaches, residents in the midcoast and Downeast regions are advised to stay informed about weather updates, follow safety guidelines, and report any power outages promptly. 

CMP remains committed to restoring power efficiently and swiftly in the event of disruptions caused by the impending storm.

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