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Cellmate Allegedly Kills Florida Father Over Sexual Orientation

The family of Janard Geffrard, a 29-year-old man allegedly killed by his cellmate in a Broward jail, is grappling with grief and demanding answers. 

Geffrard’s tragic demise came after a brutal beating by his cellmate, 35-year-old Kevin Barnes, who reportedly confessed to the crime, citing the victim’s sexual orientation as the motive.

The Unimaginable Loss of Geffrard and the Deep Impact of Prejudice

Geffrard, an openly gay man, was brutally attacked on December 16, leaving his family in shock. Josiah Graham, the family’s attorney, expressed the devastating impact of Geffrard’s death on his mother, stating that it was an unimaginable experience for any parent to endure, especially when the cause of death is such a heinous act rooted in prejudice.

The alleged assailant, Barnes, is facing charges of attempted murder with evidence of prejudice. According to reports, Barnes confessed to assaulting Geffrard because of his sexual orientation. 

The incident, captured on surveillance footage, reveals Barnes choking his cellmate for an extended period without intervention from anyone.

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Cellmate Horror: Barnes’ Disturbing Assault Unveiled in Chilling Surveillance Footage

The family of Janard Geffrard, a 29-year-old man allegedly killed by his cellmate in a Broward jail, is grappling with grief and demanding answers.

Graham emphasized Geffrard’s character, describing him as a loving and generous individual, highlighting the tragedy of his untimely death. Geffrard leaves behind a 10-year-old son who recently celebrated his first birthday without his father.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office’s Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an active investigation into the incident. Two employees, a detention deputy and a detention technician, are on administrative investigative leave with pay. Barnes and Geffrard were both declared incompetent to stand trial, raising questions about the handling of mentally ill inmates within the criminal justice system.

Geffrard’s family is advocating for jail reforms, particularly addressing mental health issues and surveillance within correctional facilities. 

The incident has prompted public defender Gordon Weekes to call for external oversight into alleged abuses, medical neglect, and the overall conditions of confinement in Broward County jails. 

Weekes stressed the right of individuals in detention to be safe from violence and called for the release of surveillance footage depicting the entire attack.

The family’s attorney, Graham, emphasized the need to determine appropriate placements for mentally ill individuals within the system. Questions arise regarding whether individuals like Barnes, deemed unfit to stand trial, should be housed in jail indefinitely or placed in rehabilitative facilities.

As the family mourns Geffrard’s tragic loss, they are committed to seeking justice through a wrongful death claim. 

Their call for reforms extends beyond their personal grief, urging systemic changes to prevent similar incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in correctional facilities. 

The case underscores the importance of addressing mental health concerns and implementing comprehensive reforms within the criminal justice system to prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

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