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Instagram Announces End to Political Content Suggestions

In a move to prioritize user experience, Instagram, owned by Meta, announced a significant shift in its content recommendation policy regarding political content. 

The popular photo and video-sharing app declared in a blog post that it would cease the proactive recommendation of political content from accounts not already followed by users. This policy extends to Threads, Instagram’s sister app introduced last summer.

Stand Against Political Content

The decision aims to create a more enjoyable experience for all users while respecting individual preferences regarding political engagement. 

By default, Instagram and Threads will no longer promote political content unless users explicitly choose to follow accounts that share such content. This adjustment aligns with Meta’s broader strategy of deprioritizing political content across its social media platforms, including Facebook.

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri emphasized the importance of preserving users’ ability to engage with political content while also respecting their preferences. The platform defines political content broadly, encompassing topics related to laws, elections, and social issues.

The updated policy affects various sections of Instagram, including Explore, Reels, In-Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Users. 

Users who still wish to receive political content recommendations will have the option to enable this feature through a settings adjustment. Meta intends to introduce a similar control on Facebook in the future.

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Instagram’s New Approach

In a move to prioritize user experience, Instagram, owned by Meta, announced a significant shift in its content recommendation policy regarding political content.

For professional accounts on Instagram, the platform introduces an Account Status setting to determine eligibility for content recommendations. 

Accounts flagged for political content recommendation restrictions have the opportunity to edit or remove recent posts to restore eligibility or request a review of Instagram’s decision. 

Additionally, these accounts can abstain from posting political content for a designated period to regain recommendation eligibility.

Meta’s efforts to curtail the visibility of political content across its platforms stem from user feedback indicating a desire for reduced exposure to such content. 

The company has been refining its approach on Facebook to limit political content in various sections, including Feed, Reels, Watch, Groups You Should Join, and Pages You May Like.

By implementing these changes, Instagram and Meta seek to strike a balance between user engagement with political content and the preservation of a positive user experience free from unwanted political influence.

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