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Tesla Engineer Addresses Rust Speculation of EVs in Wet Weather

Recently, concerns have arisen among some Tesla Cybertruck owners regarding the appearance of rust-like spots on their vehicles, sparking discussions and debates across social media platforms. 

However, Wes Morrill, an engineer closely involved in the development of the Cybertruck, stepped forward to clarify the nature of these specks and provide insights into addressing them.

Debunking the Myth

Reports surfaced on social media platforms, with new Cybertruck owners expressing dismay over what appeared to be spots of rust on their prized electric vehicles. Some even claimed they were warned about potential rusting upon delivery, stirring further speculation and unease within the Cybertruck community.

Morrill, a seasoned engineer with over 13 years of experience at Tesla, took to an online platform to address the concerns directly. He emphasized that the observed specks were not indicative of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body rusting, but rather, they were surface contaminations. 

These specks, he explained, were likely metal particles that had collected during manufacturing or transportation, causing the appearance of rust-like marks. In his post, Morrill referenced a YouTube video by Justin Demaree, known for his Bearded Tesla Guy channel, which provided valuable insights into the issue. 

Demaree’s video shed light on the phenomenon of “rust dust,” attributing it to metal particles from various sources such as train tracks or automotive factories, which could settle on the vehicle’s surface and oxidize over time. 

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Tesla Commitment to Cybertruck Owners

Recently, concerns have arisen among some Tesla Cybertruck owners regarding the appearance of rust-like spots on their vehicles, sparking discussions and debates across social media platforms.

While acknowledging that the Cybertruck might be more susceptible to collecting such particles due to its stainless steel exterior, Demaree suggested practical solutions for cleaning and addressing the issue.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed to corroborate Morrill’s explanation, lending further credibility to the engineer’s assertions. Morrill recommended specific cleaning products, such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Citrisurf 77, to effectively remove the specks without damaging the vehicle’s surface. 

He reassured owners that these specks were minuscule, akin to the size of a pinhead, and did not compromise the integrity of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body. Despite Morrill’s clarifications, the issue has sparked discussions about the challenges of manufacturing and maintaining stainless steel vehicles. 

Stainless steel, not commonly used in automotive production, presents unique challenges in terms of shaping and maintenance. However, the Cybertruck’s innovative design marks a departure from convention, being the first production vehicle made entirely of stainless steel since the Delorean in 1983.

As Tesla continues to deliver Cybertrucks to eager customers, addressing concerns and providing guidance on maintenance will be essential. 

With millions of Tesla enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the arrival of their Cybertrucks since the vehicle’s unveiling in 2019, ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing any issues promptly remains a top priority for the company.

While the exact number of Cybertrucks delivered remains undisclosed, the vehicle’s high price tag and widespread anticipation underscore the significance of addressing customer concerns swiftly and transparently. 

As the Cybertruck community navigates these initial challenges, the innovative electric pickup continues to capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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