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Hamas Ceasefire Proposal Includes Prisoner Exchange, Faces Netanyahu’s Rejection

The Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas has reaffirmed its dedication to its initial call for an all-encompassing ceasefire. 

Expressing a strong position regarding crucial requests such as the removal of Israeli forces from Gaza and the repatriation of displaced Palestinians.

Ceasefire Proposal

Hamas has also underlined the need for what it refers to as a true exchange of prisoners, emphasizing the release of Palestinian captives from Israeli prisons in return for Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

This declaration follows a cease-fire proposal that Hamas submitted to US mediators and mediators in the middle of March, containing provisions that included the release of Israeli captives in return for the freedom of Palestinian detainees, some of whom were facing life sentences.

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in Israel has not yet responded to Hamas’ most recent declaration.

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Hamas’s Conditions for Prisoner Exchange

The Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas has reaffirmed its dedication to its initial call for an all-encompassing ceasefire.


The United States noticeably abstained from the vote on a resolution calling for an immediate truce between Israel and Hamas, which attracted condemnation from Israel. The resolution was recently endorsed by the UN Security Council.

There’s cheering in the council chamber as the resolution also demands the unconditional release of all hostages. Amidst mounting concerns over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Egypt and Qatar have stepped up their efforts to mediate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas has stipulated that in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian detainees detained in Israeli jails, the first wave of Israeli hostages to be released will comprise women, children, the old, and the sick.

Netanyahu’s office rejected Hamas’s proposal, citing impractical expectations, and reiterated its intention to press the ground offensive until Hamas is destroyed. The region is still in a dangerous scenario where the destiny of many lives is at jeopardy, despite diplomatic efforts to mediate a truce and solve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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