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Tammy Murphy Temporarily Withdraws from Senate Race, Throws Support Behind Andy Kim

Tammy Murphy, the first lady of New Jersey, has decided to withdraw from the Senate race, ending what seemed to be an extended Democratic primary contest against Representative Andy Kim.

In a video that was uploaded on Sunday on X, formerly known as Twitter, Murphy made her decision known.

Murphy Announces Decision Amidst Political Spar with Kim

She and Kim had already sparred about who could represent New Jerseyans the best and about the peculiarities of the state’s nomination procedure.

Kim’s route to the Democratic nomination is essentially straightforward now that she is not competing. Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat who has been plagued by allegations of corruption and other crimes, which he disputes, declared last week that he will not be participating in the Democratic primary but that, in the event that he is found not guilty, he may consider running for reelection on his own.

Reluctance to contribute to intraparty divides, not worries about her path, drove Murphy’s decision to withdraw from the primary, according to a source familiar with her approach. This source cited her substantial personal finances and establishment support.

Kim praised unity in his own statement and expressed excitement about collaborating with Murphy.

Tammy Murphy had received the critical “line” placement on the June 4 primary ballots thanks to the endorsements she had received from party officials in several of the larger counties in New Jersey before her campaign was called off.

Because the candidates on the line are seen initially and others can be positioned in other, less prominent portions of the ballot, many believe that that spot has a disproportionate impact on the outcome of the election.

Those candidates who do not have that placement are assigned to what one influential group dubbed “ballot Siberia.”

In certain counties, the line is decided by an elected delegate-led nominating convention, whereas in other counties, the endorsement of the county party chair is the only factor.

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Tammy Murphy Secures Key Support in New Jersey’s Largest Counties

Tammy Murphy, the first lady of New Jersey, has decided to withdraw from the Senate race, ending what seemed to be an extended Democratic primary contest against Representative Andy Kim.

With the support of chairs in Essex and Middlesex as well as a victory in the nominating convention in Bergen, Tammy Murphy had secured the line in the three biggest counties in the state.

Leading a more grassroots campaign that brought him polling leads, Kim had cautioned that the system was open to abuse in general but especially in this year where the first lady was competing with county party chairs for support in front of the governor, Phil Murphy, with a long list of agenda items.

Proponents of the existing arrangement have maintained that county parties have the right to give their approval in order to inform voters of who should represent their party in November.

Though attention is now focused on the general election and whether Menendez will run as an independent against Kim and the eventual nominee from a GOP field that includes Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner, former TV reporter Alex Zdan, and others, Kim, who previously made national headlines for helping clean up the U.S. Capitol after January 6, faces no serious opposition in the primary.

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