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Florida Woman’s Walmart Spree: The Shocking ‘Game’ That Ended in Arrest

A Florida lady found herself in hot trouble after bragging to police officers about her stealing incident, in an odd turn of events. 

The incident, which happened at a Walmart location in Palm Coast, Florida, highlights a worrying trend in which illegal activity is reduced to a game.

McCann Faces Serious Charges

The contact between police enforcement and 30-year-old Amber McCann was captured on body camera footage that was recently made public by the Flager County Sheriff’s Office. In the video, McCann shamelessly confesses to playing a game she called “21,” in which players try to steal goods from businesses without being discovered.

McCann declared, “It’s really, really fun!” when police questioned her about the stolen goods they had discovered in her car. Her casual demeanor soon changed, though, as she was reminded that theft is a serious crime and not something to be done for fun.

Florida Authorities found a stash of illicit drugs in her possession, including methamphetamine, alprazolam, hashish, and marijuana, after conducting additional inquiries. Not only did the discovery of these illegal goods exacerbate her legal problems, but it also revealed that she had engaged in more serious criminal activity.

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Florida’s Alert Monitoring

A Florida lady found herself in hot trouble after bragging to police officers about her stealing incident, in an odd turn of events.


The finding that McCann had valuable metals concealed within a locked safe, suggesting possible involvement in organized crime or illegal dealing, was possibly the most concerning.

Due to her careless actions, McCann not only put her freedom in danger but also implicated her gullible boyfriend, whose car she had used to transfer the stolen goods. The arrest that followed and the long list of charges she is facing, which includes grand theft and narcotics trafficking, serve as a sobering reminder of what happens when one engages in illegal activity.

This incident emphasizes how important it is to fight petty theft and related criminal activity with increased accountability and monitoring. 

To preserve community safety and integrity, Florida law enforcement must continue to be alert in responding to these kinds of events in a timely and efficient manner. For her part, McCann’s misguided stealing game has turned out to be an expensive venture that should serve as a lesson to anyone who might be tempted to minimize illegal activity.

Ultimately, what started out as a careless game had major ramifications, underscoring the seriousness of the decisions people make in both of their actions and their outcomes.

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